MTH - Series

The standard MTH series includes full modulation with parallel positioning and offers natural gas and propane gas from 2.5 to 16.0 MM BTU per hour. Capable of low NOx/CO emissions without FGR, the MTH series features a rugged allow fiber material combustion element over a stainless steel frame, providing flexibility, longevity and trouble free operation for the life of the burner. The design is ideal for use with applications where low emissions are required and FGR is impractical or inaccessible. The MTH burner with surface stabilized combustion guarantees reliable, quiet operation and is capable of less than 9 ppm, meeting today’s most stringent NOx emission levels.

Features Include:

  •   Parallel positionging standard for optimal control
      through the firing range
  •   Premix fuel allows uniform flame distribution, low
      CO emission and high turndown
  •   Hinged air housing for easy access to internal
  •   Combustion air fan efficient airfoil blade design
      smoothly lifts airflow over the entire blade, resulting
      in less motor horsepower requirements and significant
      noise reduction when compared to standard force
      draft fans
  •   Ultra-low-NOx emissions up to 9 ppm achieved
      without FGR
  •   Rugged surface-stabilized premix combustion
      element ensures quiet combustion and
      ultra-low-Nox/CO emissions throughout the
      entire firing range

    MTH - Series  MTH - Series Brochure
    MTH - Series  MTH - Technical Datasheet

D/LND - Series

Capacities and Specifications

Burner Size 25354252 6384105126 147160210252
Frame Size 2233 3444 4455
Gas Input (Mbtu/hr ) 2,5003,5004,2005,200 6,3008,40010,50012,600 14,70016,00021,00025,200
Boiler Horsepower 6083100125 150200250300 350380500600
Blower Motor Horsepower 2557 1/2 10101515 20202540
Furnace Pressure ("w.c.") 2244 4666 66712
Standard Gas Train Pipe Size (in.)
Gas Pressure Required (PSI) 11.51.52 1.51.523
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 700700900900 900125012501250 1250125014001400